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Better Results

What is the most important factor in selecting an accounts receivable collection partner? Results.

Vast Industry Knowledge

PDM's vast industry knowledge and debt collection experience allow us to consistently outperform our competition, achieving above-average collection results for our clients.


In addition to our reputation for outstanding collection results, we are known for achieving these results while adhering to a strict code of ethics and consumer-friendly practices. We understand that customers with a past due account can often continue to be your customer when their debt is resolved or refer business in the future.


Our account representatives are happy to share a list of clients and references with you so you can see who we have worked with and you can discuss their experience with us.


We welcome a comparative period against other collection agencies you may be using so you can see first-hand that our recovery rates outperform others in our industry.




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24% higher collection rate than the national average for multi-family clients. Contact us to learn more!




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