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Better People. Better Solutions. Better Results.

Better People

PDM is an effective partner for our clients because our people... create solutions... that deliver results.

What makes Our People Different?

There are three key components that make all the difference between PDM’s people and other companies

  • Recruiting: Our process includes the careful identification of individuals who fit our culture
  • Training: We provide a proprietary training program to make sure each team member has the necessary skills and an understanding of the PDM Way
  • Environment: Our collaborative workplace ensures that our team members have the support they need to succeed


For our clients, this means we have a team that is talented, empathetic and focused on compliance… and that delivers more accounts recovered for you. With over 150 years of combined experience, our specialists are well-versed in federal and state-by-state collection laws and industry-specific laws (such as landlord/tenant).




Corporate Office

Jacksonville, Florida

24% higher collection rate than the national average for multi-family clients. Contact us to learn more!




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